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Friday, December 10, 2010

In Remembrance

About a week ago one of my childhood friends died in Afghanistan defending the USA. I had not spoken to him in years, but I still cried when I heard the news. It really made me think about how many people come through our lives that have an impact on us in both great and small ways. I hadn't thought about him in a while, but the moment I got the news I could remember his face, and his personality. It made me so sad to know that someone as kind and fun as him would no longer be walking around. It also made me feel a great sadness to know that it took something so tragic to force me to take that walk down memory lane. Sometimes we are so focused on the here and now that we don't enjoy some of the wonderful memories that helped shape who we are now. I encourage everyone to remember the good times because they may not last forever.

In Memory of Private D. Harris

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